EHF EURO 2020 All-star Team unveiled

NEWS: Six nations are represented in this year's All-star Team, with four players picking up their first ever individual awards at a major championship

All four semi-finalists, plus Russia and Montenegro, are represented on the EHF EURO 2020 All-star Team. Norway picks up three awards while Denmark has two players represented in the list of nine.

In 48 hours, over 30,000 votes were submitted by fans, counting for 40 per cent of the final vote, while the other 60 per cent was provided by a panel of experts.

Line player Ana Debelic from Croatia, Danish best defender Line Haugsted, and France's Estelle Nze Minko, named Most Valuable Player, have never won an individual award at a major championship before. 

Norwegian centre back Stine Oftedal is the only member of the EHF EURO 2018 All-star Team to again be named on the final list.

EHF EURO 2020 All-star Team

Goalkeeper: Sandra Toft (DEN)

Sandra Toft was named Grundfos Player of the Match no fewer than three times as the hosts reached the semi-finals. The inspirational Danish captain consistently had one of the best save efficiency rates in the competition at 37 per cent. Toft was also All-star goalkeeper in 2016.

Left wing: Camilla Herrem (NOR)

The lightning-fast Camilla Herrem ranked seventh after the semi-finals in terms of total goals scored, and all of her 30 shots came from the field. Herrem's skill at finishing Norway's trademark fast breaks proved key as her side progressed unbeaten to the final. She is another alumna of the EHF EURO 2016 All-star Team.

Left back: Vladlena Bobrovnikova (RUS)

Vladlena Bobrovnikova impressed from the start of the tournament, winning the Player of the Match award in Russia's first match against Spain. The 33-year-old notched up 20 goals and 21 assists through the course of the championship and also formed a key part of Russia's defence.

Centre back: Stine Oftedal (NOR)

For the second EHF EURO in a row Stine Oftedal is named All-star centre back, after also winning this award in 2018. Oftedal topped the list of assists made during the championship with 36 by the end of the semi-finals, and was second in goalscorer points after her compatriot and All-star teammate Nora Mørk with a further 28 goals. 

Line player: Ana Debelic (CRO)

After their dream run to the semi-finals, Croatian line player Ana Debelic reaches her first-ever All-star Team. The 26-year-old was an important part of Croatia's success, both in scoring 19 goals through the tournament and delivering balls to her teammates to add to their total. 

Right back: Nora Mørk (NOR)

Nora Mørk is named All-star right back at the EHF EURO for a third time, following her awards in 2014 and 2016. Mørk has returned from injury and has been consistently outstanding for Norway during the championship, scoring 48 goals and adding a further 23 assists to lead the points total as her team progressed unbeaten to the final. She will also become the first female player to win two EHF EURO top scorer awards.

Right wing: Jovanka Radicevic (MNE)

Eight years after first being named All-star right wing, Montenegro's Jovanka Radicevic once again wins this award. Radicevic shone during both the preliminary and main round, picking up two Player of the Match awards and scoring 39 goals in her six matches.

Defender: Line Haugsted (DEN)

The Danish defence was highlighted by many as particularly effective during the EHF EURO 2020, and right back Line Haugsted was a core part of that defence. With 10 blocks and nine steals by the end of the semi-final she topped the best defender rankings ahead of any other semi-finalists. 

MVP: Estelle Nze Minko (FRA)

French left back Estelle Nze Minko is named as the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament after a consistently brilliant showing. She has been vital to France's efforts in attack and defence, inspiring a number of shots by her teammates as well as scoring 25 goals of her own. Nze Minko is a constant present on court, playing 250 minutes so far, and has established herself as a central presence in the French team.

written by ehf-euro.com