The history of the Hungarian women’s national team is full of success. Until 2012, Hungary was the only non-Scandinavian team to have ever won the women’s EHF EURO, with gold in 2000 and bronze medals in 1998, 2004 and 2012. The recent EURO success followed a World Championship title in 1965 and several silver and bronze medals in the 1950s to early 1980s.

The new golden era started in the mid-1990s, and Hungary was one of the most successful teams in women’s handball between 1995 and 2005. From 1993 until 2011 Hungary participated in all major championships and consistently finished in the top six between 1998 and 2006.

Hungary’s most recent international results include seventh at the 2018 EHF EURO, and 14th position at the World Championship 2019. The team has never missed an EHF EURO.

The Hungarian team is led by Danyi Gabor and Elek Gabor, who coach the two most successful Hungarian clubs in recent years, Györ and FTC – whose players form the backbone of the national team. Hungary can also count on advice from veteran Györ player Anita Görbicz, who will act as an adviser in Denmark rather than featuring on the squad.

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Kovacsics has been the captain of the Hungarian team since the EHF EURO 2018. The playmaker of FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria already showed her talent at the age of 17, when she played her first season in Győri Audi ETO and was member of the EHF Champions League-finalist team. She was one of the best players of Hungary’s silver medallist team at the W19 EHF EURO in 2009, then won the EHF Champions League with Győr in 2013 and 2014. In summer of 2016, she moved to Ferencváros, Győr's biggest domestic rival, and became very popular also among her new team’s fans.



The 26-year old goalkeeper of Ferencváros was born in Vác, and began her professional career in her hometown, becoming a member of the national team at the age of 20. Her first international competition as part of the Hungarian adult national team was the EHF EURO 2014 in Hungary. She signed for her current club in 2016 and was awarded Best Young Player of the EHF Champions League in that season. She was one of the best players of the Hungarian team at the World Championship in 2017, and also at the EHF EURO 2018. She had a leading role in Ferencváros during the team’s last Champions League campaigns and the tense rivalry for the Hungarian League and Hungarian Cup titles – which they eventually won in 2017 – with Győr.

The head coach of Győri Audi ETO KC, Danyi has been working with the Hungarian powerhouse since 2011 as an assistant coach. He became head coach of the team in 2018 and was able to continue their success with the defence of their EHF Champions League title in 2019. As of the end of November 2020, Győr are unbeaten in the DELO EHF Champions League under Danyi's leadership.

Elek, meanwhile is the head coach of FTC and has been leading the team since 2008. His biggest achievements with his club are a domestic title win in 2015 and the Hungarian Cup victory in 2017, in all the other years being regularly runner-ups behind Győr. On international level, Elek led his team to a back-to-back EHF Cup victory in 2011 and 2012 and has been a permanent member of the EHF Champions League since 2013.

Past Performance at EHF EURO Events

Year Event host Place/Medal
1994 Germany 4th place
1996 Denmark 10th place
1998 Netherlands Bronze
2000 Romania Gold
2002 Denmark 5th place
2004 Hungary Bronze
2006 Sweden 5th place
2008 FYR Macedonia 8th place
2010 Denmark/Norway 10th place
2012 Serbia Bronze
2014 Hungary/Croatia 6th place
2016 Sweden 12th place
2018 France 7th place