Predict and win - make your final predictions

GAME: Look into your crystal handball and predict the correct results of each round of the Women's EHF EURO 2020

Predict the winners of the final matches. Photo © Anze Malorvh / kolektiff

Are you ready to watch the EHF EURO 2020 more closely and really have a stake in the game? Welcome back to the "Predict and win" game. 
Each round you get the chance to predict not only the correct score for each match, but also the most efficient player and goalkeeper of the round. Make sure you use the same nickname and password for each round, as there will also be an overall winner, who will win a ball signed by the EHF EURO 2020 champions.
Final round

Making the last set of predictions is EHFTV commentator Paul Bray, whose voice is familiar to thousands of handball fans around the world.

“In the bronze medal match, Denmark, playing at home, will want to finish a good tournament with a medal and it might be a game too far for Croatia considering the more limited depth of their roster.

“For the final, Denmark showed France what they have to do to win in the first half of their semi-final, by preventing Norway playing on the break and having a solid defence where they can prevent the breakthroughs.

“If France can slow the game down, prevent the fast breaks and force Norway to shoot from 9m they have a chance, but the relentless nature of Norway’s plays and the depth of their squad means they can keep pushing for 60 minutes.”

Croatia vs Denmark: 23:30

France vs Norway: 24:26

Best goalkeeper: Sandra Toft

Best player: Stine Oftedal

Results: click here for the top 100 ranking so far (updated to include round 7)

written by ehf-euro.com