Safety starts with the floor

FEATURE: It’s not just the players who were tested for Covid-19 during the championship

Gerflor's floors have been tested against carrying Covid-19. Credit © Uros Hocevar / kolektiff

The safety of the players at the Women’s EHF EURO 2020 went beyond PCR tests and red bubbles.

Before a ball was thrown at the tournament, EHF partners Gerflor conducted research and tests on their sports floors’ ability to eliminate traces of Covid-19.

With the help of a laboratory in Lyon, the GERFLOR TARAFLEX floor – the one used in the championship in arenas in Herning and Kolding – was tested.

The result showed the floor acted as strong barrier with its ability to eliminate the virus in a 98 per cent proportion after a 30-minute period.

Lionel Arlin of Gerflor said: “Early in the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to quickly measure the ability of our floors to fight against the viral activity

“This proactive approach gave us a better understanding about our floors benefits with Covid-19 and gives all our clients and investors a stronger and more positive feeling when selecting new surfaces for further projects.

“The official Women’s EHF EURO 2020 floor, GERFLOR TARAFLEX, has contributed to stop the virus propagation on the floor and positively contributed for a better protection of the athletes and all technical present in the halls during the games.”

Thanks to Gerflor the players and officials can be safe in the knowledge that their playing environment is a healthy one.

written by ehf-euro.com